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Inipi Ceremony (Sweat Lodge)

Breitenbush is thankful for the many years that we were able to offer a traditional Lakota Inipi on our grounds. We offer our gratitude to the Elders who gave permission, the teachings in how to care for it, and the instructions on how to offer it as a gift to the people. Recently a news article was published where there was no permission granted by Breitenbush or the Intercessor of the Ceremony. We understand that this was not appropriate and are sorry to our Elders and Native people that this occurred. We have discontinued having the Inipi Ceremony at Breitenbush as we feel that this is the way to honor Native American people and culture. We pray for the healing of the historical trauma that has been imposed on Native American people. We pray for all of us to be able to heal together.

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