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If you have visited Breitenbush or have been looking over our Website and have wondered how you might experience more of the community and service aspects of Breitenbush, you may wish to consider joining our community year round, for the summer, or helping out as a regular Fill-In or Temp. 

Our work life here is very full and fulfilling. Our work week falls somewhere between 32 - 40 hrs per week, with ample time for soaking, relaxing and taking part in the community aspects of life at Breitenbush, taking part in the many Daily Well-Being programs, such as Yoga, EDGU and Meditation, or exploring the many mountains, streams and lakes of the surrounding National Forest.

It takes a small tribe to keep Breitenbush running smoothly, thus our community is home to around 55 full-time year-round employees, with an additional 20 - 30 employees joining us each summer to help out with our busy season (May - October), and many Fill-ins and Temps contributing their service throughout the year. We have broken-up the necessary work into Teams (Kitchen, Office, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Healing Arts, Construction, Systems, Landscaping, etc.). All Teams are run cooperatively, with all members having input and sharing in the responsibilities of their Team.

Full-time/year-round positions come open in most departments on a somewhat regular basis. In addition, Breitenbush is always seeking qualified applicants for Fill-in and Temp work (a few days to a few months) in all departments. If you have regular availability and live within driving distance, you may wish to consider this option as a way to connect more deeply with the community, and to help serve the thousands of people that come here each year seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. We prefer to employ only those who are available for fill in stints or for ongoing work for a minimum of 6 months as the process to integrate into our community as well as the training time needed for most positions, requires a commitment of our time and energy, as well as yours.

If this has piqued your interest in living/working at Breitenbush, you can click on the links below to:

Current Openings ... Updated 8/16/14

If you have special qualifications including an Oregon Massage License for our Healing Arts Team, plumbing or electrical skills for our Systems Utilities Team, vegetarian culinary experience for our Kitchen Team, and business / management / leadership / facilitation skills to assist us to improve our Co-op, we are especially interested in hearing from you.

The following teams are looking for Full Time Regular Hires:

  • System

  • Clearing Arts

  • Projects

The following teams are looking for Fill-Ins:

  • Office

  • Kitchen

  • Clearing Arts (Housekeeping)

  • Healing Arts (Oregon Massage License Required)

  • Maintenance

  • Systems

  • Forestry

  • Child care

  • Grounds

Please be sure to list all the skills required as listed under each team on the application itself.

If you would like to apply for a future opening, we will process your application and keep it on file until we are ready to resume the hiring process. Thank you.

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